This blog is a reflection of my learnings about society, technology, politics, and religion. I may be right, I may be not. But it’s better to put it out and see if my words can be of any help. If all these posts inspire one person, it’s a success for me. 

Still criticizing Shahzeb’s parents?

The Shahzeb Issue? If you blame or criticize Shahzeb’s parents for giving up or being sold to Shahrukh Jatoi, the murderer of their son; perhaps you’re being quite selfish here. This is not about money. God Forbid, the pain the family has gone through, the loss of son, the pressure of government, the possible future threats received from the gangster family, all could have worsened their mental state towards insanity.

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Pakistan Tour Images & Cinemagraph

Hello readers, Finally after sharing few Panorama Shots & Closeup Shots from Nokia Lumia 920, here are final pictures from my recent Pakistan tour this summer. I feel quite lucky to be in Pakistan covering most of its hidden beauty. I say this again that I’m not a professional photographer, but a programmer who lives mostly in his binary world. The tour proved to be an excellent change from my

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ProQuest 2013 – UBIT (An I.T event)

█ MashAllah! Finally ProQuest’13 comes to an end! I congratulate; all supportive teachers, the alumni, the event organizers, volunteers & inspirational speakers and participants. Thank you all for making this event a success and marking its name in history of DCS-UBIT-UoK! The department couldn’t have gone more brighter with Orange ProQuest Posters everywhere! The creative artwork, the placement of banners were simple stunning! I congratulate all the winners, finally their

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Pakistan Tour Panorama Shots (Nokia Lumia 920)

Few days back I shared few Closeup shots here, incase you missed those here’s the link “Pakistan Tour Closeup shots” I’m not a professional photographer but a geek who lives in the world of binary 1’s & 0’s. This summer I returned back from Pakistan Tour and luckily had my Lumia 920 for shots. I had no idea how perfectly it’d stitch the images resulting in amazing Panoramic Views! Most

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Pakistan Tour Closeup Shots (Nokia Lumia 920)

Last week I returned from Pakistan Tour visiting many Northern Areas here. I must say that Pakistan is blessed with many beautiful sights. The perfect peaceful atmosphere here is quite freshening for the human soul. Following are few “Closeup” shots I managed to shoot in various places using Nokia Lumia 920. I’ll release more pictures soon!   I found these delicious Wild berries growing in Sheran Forest, they had a

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