Why I’ll Be Cheering for Shahid Afridi Even More

In reply to an article published on Dawn News and all those tweets concerning Shahid Afridi

A writer viewed a video of Shahid Afridi, targeted his “Zaiqa” word, filled up her article with hatred against a hero whose personality, performance & character brought pleasure / or brings pleasure to our entire nation. And guess what, she publicly stated that she wouldn’t cheer for him. Some humans are truly hypocrites.

Candidly, it doesn’t really matter whether she cheers for Shahid Afridi or not. But if she went all against Afridi just because of his “personal” opinion for the future of his daughters, the writer is morally weak and lacks the capability to endure the negativity in a person. A quote here equally fits in

“Scratch every hero and you will find a monster lurking inside” – The Scorpion King

The writer has no right to interfere in Afridi’s life and decide what is best for his daughters. Those daughters are blessed with a heroic father who knows what’s best for them. It’s about time people should stop messing around with personal lives of superstars. There are ethical boundaries and limits that each writer, thinker and activist should consider. I wonder how the writer would have reacted if someone else wrote up criticizing about the way she treated her children.

Many secular fanatics in this country would certainly stop cheering for Afridi and surely will complain, but then again, haven’t those secular fanatics re-invented their own Islam based on their human logic? And I read many already labeling him “true Taliban”, maybe they missed the fact that his daughters appeared on a television show. Time for new label maybe, “Modernized Taliban”.

All humans are weak and can commit mistakes, utter words that can twisted and turned. None of us are angels, but maybe the world expects much from our heroes. Maybe the word “hero” doesn’t fit in our current society because once they find an error in their personality they take an instant turn and chant “Monster” after their, once considered, “Hero” name.

Shahid Afridi is the most humble batsman I’ve ever witnessed, a true leader who motivates and inspires his juniors, his fans and the entire nation. Nothing beats his charismatic personality because of his golden heart. Shahid Afridi is also accompanied by well-known religious personalities and gets constant advises. It takes more to judge a personality than by watching his few sixes on-screen or listening to him speak on live shows.

Let me tell you what that writer has done, she has mocked the entire nation before the world, ridiculed our hero and given an opportunity to all silent haters to rant about our Green Team.

The writer owes an apology here to Shahid Afridi, to his fans and Pakistan.

Ironically I hope she won’t stop cheering for Kohli & Bangladeshi girls!

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