Statement of Purpose (Sort-Of-Assignment)

While searching for a document, I found my very old “Statement of Purpose +  2 unique research ideas” assignment asked by our University Professor Tahseen Jilani. I had no idea what it meant back then, but now when I read it, I find it quite amusing. Specially the first research idea which I dared to submit! Oh yes, I got very good numbers in that subject.

Here it goes,

I received most of my early education from Ideal Indian School in Qatar. Later, returned to Pakistan for higher studies. Currently I’m earning a Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science from University of Karachi.

From the very start, I was fond of writing stories, drawing comics and at an early age wrote many poems as well. Though I started writing short stories of horror genre, but later wrote articles concerning and guiding society. And then came an age of writing poetry, poems related to hope and peace. I was lucky to get most of my stories, poems and articles published in Khaleej Times Magazine named “Young Times”, spread all over Middle East and Sub-continent. And later became a regular contributor to that magazine. My sole purpose of writing was to give society something, to be of any use, and mostly, guide the lost ones.

I had regularly taken part in extra curriculum activities which made me explore my every skill. I had been awarded as the best camper when I was in scouts, represented Ideal Indian School in painting competition held by McDonalds in Qatar and participated in various inter school competitions.


Later, I took a personality test course named “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” which determined my type of INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception). A complete report of my ups and downs was given to further improve me. Later I developed MBTI course for APECO Organization to assess more students.

I had always been a very hardcore gamer from an early age. And this made me wish to develop my own game following my own storyline and this influenced me more to choose Computer Science as my majoring degree. And gradually excelled further, and did web-designing course and recently did Cloud Computing & Mobile Application development course from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.

I received a rapid confidence in facing the audience after giving a presentation on behalf of APECO Organization and introducing their mission to the Heads of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology. And after that event, I gave more presentations on EcmaScript 5.0 & Html5 with a team of 5, Grid Computing etc. I also fell into ethical hacking, and explored it as much I could, penetrated many website databases, but only for educational purpose.

Further, I have participated in Logic Quiz at Indus 2010 event held by Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (PCSIR) and in Programming Competition at 2011 held by National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences.

IDEA #1)

I believe that there are two souls, or voices within a person. I name them “The Kid” and “The Punisher”. Now it depends on how you balance your life with these two voices and work on things. The Kid is joyous, loves and never is serious, while on the other hand The Punisher is old wise voice, always serious on issues and facing life. But what I’ve found mostly among people is, as they grow older, they listen less to The Kid, who later fades into darkness. To be among such people is quite hard; they never joke, but always talk of work.


My current thoughts are regarding to a world which I believe works parallel to our world in time. I name that world as “The 4th Dimensional World”. I believe that there exists and easy access from that world to this world, but vice versa is not simple. By entering that world you can shift to any part of the world in lightening speed, like using that world as a medium to travel. And in that world, there exist supernatural species who can sight us, but to us they are invisible. Well, I guess much of research would be needed on this.

IDEA #2)

However, my other idea is concerning the plagiarism of online Images. It takes hours of hard work on images and suddenly someone comes, copies, and publishes as his work. The idea is to have a website where a user could submit his image to check whether it is plagiarized online or not. The site would search that same image on web and if found, provide links to site where it is published. And gradually the results could be linked to sites that could take action on such plagiarism. Now how this searching would be done on images, the proposal was that each pixel of the image would be read and a unique key related to the arrangement of those pixels would be generated. And this unique could be generated for all sites on net and thus compare the matching keys. Now this is a very slow process. So in order to support this idea, a new protocol on uploading an image should be made, that would calculate it’s unique pattern at the time of uploading and store it. This would make searches faster as every image would have its unique patterns and thus searching would be done on unique keys. But what if the user edits few pixels of the image and uploads it. Here few patterns of unique key would be matching rather all matching. So on our site, we could fix a precision level, like 100% pattern must match or 45% must match. This could also bring the edited images up in our searches.

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