Junaid Jamshed – Your Chosen Side?

If you aren’t from the group,

GEO VS ARY; debating on Shaista Wahidi or Amir Liaquat and their past resemblance with this incident,


Any of Extremist Islamist Sec; waiting long to attack “Tablighi Jamaat” and becoming heroes in your own fantasy world, or bringing up the old debatable “Shia” or “Barelvi” teachings according to you, or blaming it on the fact that Islamic transmissions shouldn’t be allowed on television,


Liberal Fascist Longing to Change Islamic Constitution; considering that it’s out dated according to modern era, believe that Jihad is an extremist word and should be ignored completely, have no hope in Pakistan, bringing up the atrocities this government had done to Non-Muslims,


And only then…

Trust me, you’re amongst the people where there is hope left in humanity. You feel extremely sorry and sad for the way Junaid Jamshed is being treated as you’d have felt for any other human being treated. You wonder people acting of god, judging him. You know and acknowledge his past struggles, his intention and more importantly you believe that you have no gift of prophecy and would never make a haste decision on anyone whom you have never met and have known nothing about.

I’m not a PhD or a master in my field, even then I teach, voluntarily conduct seminars and give workshops, just to make sure I give back to society what I’ve learnt. When I make mistakes, my friends correct me then.

Curse me, abuse me and I’ll leave this act of kindness… I won’t even care to explain why.

PS: If you think I did wrong in comparing my worldly education with J.J’s religious speeches. I’d say, you haven’t understood the point here. In fact, I won’t even care to explain that either.

It breaks me apart watching people debate on topics they don’t even know about and labeling it as an act of “blasphemy”, just so they can mess a bit more, with whatever remains of this country and laws…


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