This blog is a reflection of my learnings about society, technology, politics, and religion. I may be right, I may be not. But it’s better to put it out and see if my words can be of any help. If all these posts inspire one person, it’s a success for me. 

Obtain a NOC From PTA (For Smartphones and Devices…)

This is one troublesome job. But I managed to get through it “legally”, however it took around a month for me and mainly because I had no clue of what to do. I hope my experience saves time for most people. I had my Lumia 1020 device stuck in customs and the guys from TCS told me to obtain an NOC from PTA, which they’d provide to Customs and clear

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Shades of Red

The leaves were dancing with the wind And the kid swung the bottle around his neck Marching his way to school with a friend His hands in air, flying off the deck Little he knew of the color red Felt the itch, and craved to scratch Stood he still and watched instead His body fell, and he gasped Confused, he saw the color red, But different from pictured garden bed

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Junaid Jamshed – Your Chosen Side?

If you aren’t from the group, GEO VS ARY; debating on Shaista Wahidi or Amir Liaquat and their past resemblance with this incident, Or Any of Extremist Islamist Sec; waiting long to attack “Tablighi Jamaat” and becoming heroes in your own fantasy world, or bringing up the old debatable “Shia” or “Barelvi” teachings according to you, or blaming it on the fact that Islamic transmissions shouldn’t be allowed on television,

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Statement of Purpose (Sort-Of-Assignment)

While searching for a document, I found my very old “Statement of Purpose +  2 unique research ideas” assignment asked by our University Professor Tahseen Jilani. I had no idea what it meant back then, but now when I read it, I find it quite amusing. Specially the first research idea which I dared to submit! Oh yes, I got very good numbers in that subject. Here it goes, I

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Living or Documenting?

Where do I start this from? We have embraced technology too much, to an extent where the limits of humanity have all been crossed. Emotions, feelings and living in the moment have been compromised with the efforts to document it all. A beautiful sunshine, a child’s smile, all such moments are set to fire by our desire to capture these moments in the form of pictures, tweets and posts, for

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Nokia Asha 503 Review

Nokia Pakistan sent me a new Nokia Asha 503 to try out. The experience with this low-end device was quite different & surprising. The first thing you’d notice in Nokia Asha 503 is the icy plastic coating over the phone, making the phone look really attractive. I tried Nokia X too, yet miss this icy touch over it. And then, the next best thing is its Gorilla Glass 2 covering.

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Why Pride & Arrogance?

I sense something disturbing growing in students these days , and that’s pride & arrogance. This arrogance will take you nowhere, constant taunts, silly bragging, will soon be avenged from Above. And once that lustrous dream of yours gets over, you’d find no friend by your side and you’ll be left alone. Please, don’t look down on any student, weak or silly, dumb or stupid. Great leaders and innovators were

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Why I’ll Be Cheering for Shahid Afridi Even More

In reply to an article published on Dawn News and all those tweets concerning Shahid Afridi A writer viewed a video of Shahid Afridi, targeted his “Zaiqa” word, filled up her article with hatred against a hero whose personality, performance & character brought pleasure / or brings pleasure to our entire nation. And guess what, she publicly stated that she wouldn’t cheer for him. Some humans are truly hypocrites. Candidly,

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