The Banning of Chinchi’s in Karachi!

If you’re one who supports the banning of Chinchi’s and now you can drive in much lesser traffic, I think you are ignorant. You perhaps don’t understand the greater pain.

Chinchi’s competed with the transport mafia, the bus conductors were forced to “respect” the old passengers and did not ask them to leave the bus arrogantly when they were short on few rupees.

The transport mafia, had to lower the bus fares since there was a competition and people found Chinchi’s more safer because of constant looting in buses. In many, the drivers were accomplice too.

█ What changed when the Chinchi’s got banned?
The bus fares were 50% increased yesterday for “NO” reason, (since no competition now, and people got no options). An old man, with his wife and a child was dropped out of the bus right before my eyes, only because the old man refused to pay the increased rates while the rest of us quarreled a bit but paid.

When questioned, the conductor accepted that they had to pay alot to ban these Chinchis and its now their time to earn.

Worst, this transport mafia even managed to ban the 9-seater rickshaws too and impose a heavy fine on them. My younger brother’s driver had to pay heavily just to get out of jail, because he used 9-seater rickshaw to pick students.

█ If you support the ban, but agree that it provided value.
Trust me, you are confused, or maybe you don’t use public transport on a daily basis.
Respected P.M announced a gift of Karachi Metro Buses, which still is a myth.

Commute is a general problem, if there is a solution that could temporarily work, it should be adapted rather than “hoping” that someday, our beloved government will introduce state-of-the-art buses and all our commuting problems will be solved, so until that happens, all “chinchis’ should banned because teenage kids drive those and our traffic police officers are too lazy to keep a check on them as they can be easily bribed, so yes ban all of them!

And let’s say they were unsafe and many lives were lost because of Chinchi’s: So why were the 9-seated rickshaws banned? They were VIP options for the many.

After the ban of Chinchi’s I hoped that maybe, maybe those 9-seated rickshaws will take the route on which these Chinch’s traveled, but.. nah, next day, they were banned too.

And quiet frankly, an old man or a college/university student doesn’t care if somewhere in future a good solution suddenly pops up, solving their current problem which they might not have then.

You cannot ban something completely, problems have solutions.
You don’t kill a patient because of the sickness, you cure it!

I wanted to write these 2 – 3 days back, but today I had seen enough…


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