FOMO – Feeling of Missing Out, can be your worst feeling on social media.

Just because everyone; laughs on divorces, rebels religious events, judges morality, becomes god, hates everything, wants to be supreme – doesn’t mean you to be “shallow” too.

You can be different. And to be different, you don’t have to say something stupid to get noticed on social media.

You don’t have to be a part of something running “hot” in news just because everyone does.

You don’t have to ridicule something or someone to look cool or educated in your circle.

You don’t have to go watch a movie in a cinema since most of your friends watched.

You don’t have to feel depressed if you see others having fun.

AND if you feel same way “alot”, have a break for few days from social media. Talk to people personally. Everything you see on social media about someone doesn’t entirely represent their lives. Pains, struggles, hardships, embarrassments & failures are rarely seen.

Understanding this feeling is important so we may find ways to tackle it and live happier lives. And yes, next time you see someone unlocking an achievement or having fun, say MashAllah and say a small prayer for them…
“May they have more InshAllah”


The banning of Chinchi’s in Karachi!

If you’re one who supports the banning of Chinchi’s and now you can drive in much lesser traffic, I think you are ignorant. You perhaps don’t understand the greater pain.

Chinchi’s competed with the transport mafia, the bus conductors were forced to “respect” the old passengers and did not ask them to leave the bus arrogantly when they were short on few rupees.

The transport mafia, had to lower the bus fares since there was a competition and people found Chinchi’s more safer because of constant looting in buses. In many, the drivers were accomplice too.

█ What changed when the Chinchi’s got banned?
The bus fares were 50% increased yesterday for “NO” reason, (since no competition now, and people got no options). An old man, with his wife and a child was dropped out of the bus right before my eyes, only because the old man refused to pay the increased rates while the rest of us quarreled a bit but paid.

When questioned, the conductor accepted that they had to pay alot to ban these Chinchis and its now their time to earn.

Worst, this transport mafia even managed to ban the 9-seater rickshaws too and impose a heavy fine on them. My younger brother’s driver had to pay heavily just to get out of jail, because he used 9-seater rickshaw to pick students.

█ If you support the ban, but agree that it provided value.
Trust me, you are confused, or maybe you don’t use public transport on a daily basis.
Respected P.M announced a gift of Karachi Metro Buses, which still is a myth.

Commute is a general problem, if there is a solution that could temporarily work, it should be adapted rather than “hoping” that someday, our beloved government will introduce state-of-the-art buses and all our commuting problems will be solved, so until that happens, all “chinchis’ should banned because teenage kids drive those and our traffic police officers are too lazy to keep a check on them as they can be easily bribed, so yes ban all of them!

And let’s say they were unsafe and many lives were lost because of Chinchi’s: So why were the 9-seated rickshaws banned? They were VIP options for the many.

After the ban of Chinchi’s I hoped that maybe, maybe those 9-seated rickshaws will take the route on which these Chinch’s traveled, but.. nah, next day, they were banned too.

And quiet frankly, an old man or a college/university student doesn’t care if somewhere in future a good solution suddenly pops up, solving their current problem which they might not have then.

You cannot ban something completely, problems have solutions.
You don’t kill a patient because of the sickness, you cure it!

I wanted to write this 2-3 days back, but today I had seen enough…


OuzelSystems Nested!

It’s been a year at OuzelSystems, and now is the right time to experiment something different. There is much to happen and you can contribute too. Soon we will be selecting a pool of beta testers, giving early access to our app, providing extra perks in app for the feedback they provide and connect individually with them to know their expectations. So watch out for that announcement soon.

In our backyard, we’ll make sure not to just train good developers, but good humans. Over the past few years, thanks to all the trainings and mentoring we have been involved into, we find it an obligation to pass it unto others. Our achievement is not the number of projects we deliver, but the number of customers & clients turning into friends in the long run.

A year passed out in a flash. It had been a great learning experience for us a team, learning through the experiences and evolution of another US based Startup. What we learned, is beyond explanation. From daily meetings, poker games & estimation; to conversations between a CEO and CTO, their jokes, their reflexes during tense situations, every chapter had a lesson for us. It taught us how to communicate professionally yet differently from that of a corporate culture. And we’ll try our best to transfer this knowledge to our juniors, interns and students and we, ourselves make practical use of it.

Thank you Abrar, for being so committed, daring and for always being there. Zohaib, I thank you for your exceptional skills that sets you one of our magician. Shakir, without your dedication, support, advises and patience, this journey would have been tough. And thank you Faizan and Alveena for bearing with us in our first crucial year. I hope you can learn more, excel and prosper into something the nation would be proud of. Oh, welcome to the fabulous team Adeel. You’ll love working with us!

I shouldn’t forget our Advisory Board Members; Sir Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui & Sir Muhammad Saeed for always being their in our board meetings, resolving conflicts and continuously giving directions.
However, I should be thanking many other names in our journey; Sir Badar Sami, Sir Zia Khan, Sir Inam, Sir Asim, Matloob Bhai, colleagues, juniors and countless other names, and their prayers…

For the next 4 months, half of the team will be incubated at The Nest IO. It was a hard decision, but fair enough for the opportunities articulated. This not only means that time will be of more value, but each of our commitments & responsibilities will stretch much further.

It’d be fun anyway!



Sameer Ahmed Khan

Obtain a NOC from PTA (For smartphones and devices…)

This is one troublesome job. But I managed to get through it “legally”, however it took around a month for me and mainly because I had no clue of what to do. I hope my experience saves time for most people.

I had my Lumia 1020 device stuck in customs and the guys from TCS told me to obtain an NOC from PTA, which they’d provide to Customs and clear my device. Anyway, it’s a long story of how I was demoralized that I should forget my device from friends but I tried and it worked..

Here are the steps that I took:
You gotta write a letter requesting for NOC and email it to [email protected], and then keep calling (051 9207079) or (051 9225329-0) and ask them politely to forward and approve the letter and “post” the NOC at your address. (They also email it, but CUSTOMS don’t accept the email, they need hard copy with the “blue” colored signature).

Then, after having NOC in Karachi posted to your home, attach the required documents (told by TCS) and submit it to TCS office, they’d forward it to Customs here. Eventually in few days you’ll have your respected device at home.

PS: I had to keep telling customs that all cost has been paid and further if any costs are there, they would be paid by the sender!

Sound simple eh? Even the guys at PTA didn’t knew that on smartphones I needed an NOC! That’s how I did it.
Worst part, this is Karachi so…. I lost my Lumia 1020 after all that struggle. *sighs…

Good luck.


Shades of Red

The leaves were dancing with the wind
And the kid swung the bottle around his neck
Marching his way to school with a friend
His hands in air, flying off the deck

Little he knew of the color red
Felt the itch, and craved to scratch
Stood he still and watched instead
His body fell, and he gasped

Confused, he saw the color red,
But different from pictured garden bed
The teacher was wrong, he smiled
But stopped as he looked around

Not white but red, turned the bottle he brought
Broken it was, and the child with fear
Tears rolled as he thought of his mother
She had asked, “Not to lose the fifth bottle”

Something bright, was lifting him in arms
Down, he saw his mother rushing to school
He saw her cry, and his tears rolled too
Not sure why, but he felt something too

“Mother, I need a hug”, the kid wept.
Mother stumbled as she ran and fell
A tear drop was borrowed by wind from the child
And carried to the cheeks of his fallen mother

She rubbed her face and felt her boy
The kid was lifted to a newer world
There he saw another kid, of his age
He wept too, and the kid asked why?

“A flying tin, painted me in red and my mother
I know not where she is, how she is
From mountains these tins come flying
They say, it paints red the bad only”

“Are we bad and very bad? I’m confused
They never told me in my Madrasa”
The kid hugged the other kid and cried,
“They never taught me in my school too”.

17th, December 2014

Junaid Jamshed – Your chosen side?

If you aren’t from the group,

GEO VS ARY; debating on Shaista Wahidi or Amir Liaquat and their past resemblance with this incident,


Any of Extremist Islamist Sec; waiting long to attack “Tablighi Jamaat” and becoming heroes in your own fantasy world, or bringing up the old debatable “Shia” or “Barelvi” teachings according to you, or blaming it on the fact that Islamic transmissions shouldn’t be allowed on television,


Liberal Fascist Longing to Change Islamic Constitution; considering that it’s out dated according to modern era, believe that Jihad is an extremist word and should be ignored completely, have no hope in Pakistan, bringing up the atrocities this government had done to Non-Muslims,


And only then…

Trust me, you’re amongst the people where there is hope left in humanity. You feel extremely sorry and sad for the way Junaid Jamshed is being treated as you’d have felt for any other human being treated. You wonder people acting of god, judging him. You know and acknowledge his past struggles, his intention and more importantly you believe that you have no gift of prophecy and would never make a haste decision on anyone whom you have never met and have known nothing about.

I’m not a PhD or a master in my field, even then I teach, voluntarily conduct seminars and give workshops, just to make sure I give back to society what I’ve learnt. When I make mistakes, my friends correct me then.

Curse me, abuse me and I’ll leave this act of kindness… I won’t even care to explain why.

PS: If you think I did wrong in comparing my worldly education with J.J’s religious speeches. I’d say, you haven’t understood the point here. In fact, I won’t even care to explain that either.

It breaks me apart watching people debate on topics they don’t even know about and labeling it as an act of “blasphemy”, just so they can mess a bit more, with whatever remains of this country and laws…


Statement of Purpose (sort-of-assignment)


While searching for a document, I found my very old “Statement of Purpose +  2 unique research ideas” assignment asked by our University Professor Tahseen Jilani. I had no idea what it meant back then, but now when I read it, I find it quite amusing. Specially the first research idea which I dared to submit! Oh yes, I got very good numbers in that subject.

Here it goes,

I received most of my early education from Ideal Indian School in Qatar. Later, returned to Pakistan for higher studies. Currently I’m earning a Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science from University of Karachi.

From the very start, I was fond of writing stories, drawing comics and at an early age wrote many poems as well. Though I started writing short stories of horror genre, but later wrote articles concerning and guiding society. And then came an age of writing poetry, poems related to hope and peace. I was lucky to get most of my stories, poems and articles published in Khaleej Times Magazine named “Young Times”, spread all over Middle East and Sub-continent. And later became a regular contributor to that magazine. My sole purpose of writing was to give society something, to be of any use, and mostly, guide the lost ones.

I had regularly taken part in extra curriculum activities which made me explore my every skill. I had been awarded as the best camper when I was in scouts, represented Ideal Indian School in painting competition held by McDonalds in Qatar and participated in various inter school competitions.


Later, I took a personality test course named “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” which determined my type of INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception). A complete report of my ups and downs was given to further improve me. Later I developed MBTI course for APECO Organization to assess more students.

I had always been a very hardcore gamer from an early age. And this made me wish to develop my own game following my own storyline and this influenced me more to choose Computer Science as my majoring degree. And gradually excelled further, and did web-designing course and recently did Cloud Computing & Mobile Application development course from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.

I received a rapid confidence in facing the audience after giving a presentation on behalf of APECO Organization and introducing their mission to the Heads of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology. And after that event, I gave more presentations on EcmaScript 5.0 & Html5 with a team of 5, Grid Computing etc. I also fell into ethical hacking, and explored it as much I could, penetrated many website databases, but only for educational purpose.

Further, I have participated in Logic Quiz at Indus 2010 event held by Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (PCSIR) and in Programming Competition at 2011 held by National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences.

IDEA #1)

I believe that there are two souls, or voices within a person. I name them “The Kid” and “The Punisher”. Now it depends on how you balance your life with these two voices and work on things. The Kid is joyous, loves and never is serious, while on the other hand The Punisher is old wise voice, always serious on issues and facing life. But what I’ve found mostly among people is, as they grow older, they listen less to The Kid, who later fades into darkness. To be among such people is quite hard; they never joke, but always talk of work.


My current thoughts are regarding to a world which I believe works parallel to our world in time. I name that world as “The 4th Dimensional World”. I believe that there exists and easy access from that world to this world, but vice versa is not simple. By entering that world you can shift to any part of the world in lightening speed, like using that world as a medium to travel. And in that world, there exist supernatural species who can sight us, but to us they are invisible. Well, I guess much of research would be needed on this.

IDEA #2)

However, my other idea is concerning the plagiarism of online Images. It takes hours of hard work on images and suddenly someone comes, copies, and publishes as his work. The idea is to have a website where a user could submit his image to check whether it is plagiarized online or not. The site would search that same image on web and if found, provide links to site where it is published. And gradually the results could be linked to sites that could take action on such plagiarism. Now how this searching would be done on images, the proposal was that each pixel of the image would be read and a unique key related to the arrangement of those pixels would be generated. And this unique could be generated for all sites on net and thus compare the matching keys. Now this is a very slow process. So in order to support this idea, a new protocol on uploading an image should be made, that would calculate it’s unique pattern at the time of uploading and store it. This would make searches faster as every image would have its unique patterns and thus searching would be done on unique keys. But what if the user edits few pixels of the image and uploads it. Here few patterns of unique key would be matching rather all matching. So on our site, we could fix a precision level, like 100% pattern must match or 45% must match. This could also bring the edited images up in our searches.

Living or Documenting?

Where do I start this from? We have embraced technology too much, to an extent where the limits of humanity have all been crossed. Emotions, feelings and living in the moment have been compromised with the efforts to document it all. A beautiful sunshine, a child’s smile, all such moments are set to fire by our desire to capture these moments in the form of pictures, tweets and posts, for the audience of the other delusional social world. A world which comes before our feelings, where “likes”, “tweets”, “followers” and “comments” matter the most.

Those known to be perfectly connected and socially active, are found guilty of not interacting with people they are with. Families, real friends, and not to forget –neighbors. Worst, most even don’t recall who their neighbors are.

The desire of getting equipped with latest smartphones, devices, and techy gadgets is the new drug. Once you have it all, which you’ll never, will make you realize the time these monsters have consumed, trapping you in their own world. Your conscience experiences it, you’ll realize it someday too. To be always connected, a mental disorder I can say.

I’m not broken or sad. I’m worried and terrified for the next generation. A generation that seeks pleasure and yearns to gain sympathies from a different social world. A world where each and every word matters to them, turning them short tempered, immoral, and with no respect. They learn and fetch information only what interests them, and personal interests can’t be always right. They are turning self-centered and selfish with time, capturing and filtering hundreds of their own pictures. The modern world calls it “selfie” pictures. I’d love to rename it to “selfish” pictures. You’ll realize that one day. Days are not too far, when people would only capture themselves. It has already begun.

A fathers complain, a mother’s happiness; the realization of these feelings have no time in our life anymore. A life that is solely dedicated in knowing others in a different social world, that in the end we have forgotten ours. I’m guilty of standing amongst those and I truly realize that. I hope someday we all do and that is when our families and those close, find a new soul in us. A soul that listens to them when they speak, and not just nods when they speak their heart. A soul so beautiful that invests their time with others, in return of having true happiness as they make progress. That is, what it is, to be human beings.


-Sameer Ahmed Khan

7th September, 2014


Nokia Asha 503 Review

Nokia Pakistan sent me a new Nokia Asha 503 to try out. The experience with this low-end device was quite different & surprising.


Nokia Asha 503

The first thing you’d notice in Nokia Asha 503 is the icy plastic coating over the phone, making the phone look really attractive. I tried Nokia X too, yet miss this icy touch over it. And then, the next best thing is its Gorilla Glass 2 covering. I can fearlessly use it roughly as I use my Lumia 920. Yes, I still own that heavy master piece.

The Nokia Asha 503 is available in six different colors: yellow, white, black, green, red & blue. I was provided with a pure white colored device. Well, this device comes with a 5MP camera with LED flash, 3G and a Wi-Fi connectivity. It also got an optional dual-SIM support plus expandable memory. I got a preloaded 4GB SD card in it.

When it comes to hardware, the display on Nokia Asha 503 is 3” TFT unit of QVGA (240 x 320), sliding into pockets easily. The colors are very charming or bright or HD displays however, you can’t expect much in this price range. All the hardware controls are on the right side. There you can find the power/lock button and the volume controller. The soft touch experience of Nokia Asha 503 is delighting thanks to the nice matte plastic. The back button is replaced by a capacitive control and is the only means of navigation. The taps & swipes do the rest magic. At the top you’d find a microUSB port for charging & data connections, and also a 3.5mm headphones jack. And at the very bottom of phone, you’d only see the microphone pinhole only.


Nokia Asha 503

To be honest, at first I had a hard time removing the back cover and popping in the battery, however later when I mastered the trick of pushing the nub at the bottom, it went easy. The SIM slots were at the back, with the swappable microSD on the side. The battery is 1200 mAh Li-Ion and is quoted at 840 hours of stand-by time and 12 hours of calls over a 2G network.


With the software capabilities of Asha, Fastlane cannot be just ignored. With Nokia Asha 503, you can just swipe to view the stuff you love. Tap to share instantly and get all the updates in the new homescreen. From your recent text message to your last played song, it’s all saved to scroll back through. No more digging through your phone looking for your cool stuff previously accessed. The WhatsApp support with better Fastlane UI features spices up the phone more.

Another worth mentioning feature is the ability to launch the camera right from your locked screen since no Asha comes up with dedicated camera key (As we have in Lumia series). To see it in action, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

There is also Glance Screen option available in Nokia Asha 503 powering the notification experience.

I also noticed that the Qwerty keyboard is redesigned and makes texting really easily despite of the small screen display.

The classy soft touch of Asha 503 made me realize that the soft body was missing in Nokia X. The overall experience, with Nokia Asha 503 low-end device, was better than many other devices out there in market. The phone is highly durable, classy and fits perfectly in pocket!

The 3 Families; Lumia, Nokia X, Asha

Why Pride & Arrogance?

I sense something disturbing growing in students these days , and that’s pride & arrogance. This arrogance will take you nowhere, constant taunts, silly bragging, will soon be avenged from Above. And once that lustrous dream of yours gets over, you’d find no friend by your side and you’ll be left alone.

Please, don’t look down on any student, weak or silly, dumb or stupid. Great leaders and innovators were humiliated too.

If you win any competition, don’t brag, don’t change yourself. Be as humble as possible, consider yourself to be a pious slave of Lord Above. The land you walk on, can be dragged away at any moment. I have seen many personalities destroyed.

And yes, if you still wish to compete, how about competing with the Western World in technology or even with your neighbors borders across. STOP making fun of those around you, I also saw few fresh wannabes mocking their University Professors. Ironic.

PS: I suggest you all to study Pride & Arrogance in Islam