How to Stay Motivated?

To stay motivated the soul should always be hopeful and have faith in a day when everything will be great! If you have a firm belief, you can stand the weight of the mountains just as Hazrat Yunus (AS), Prophet Jonah, was hopeful and prayed during the 3 levels of darkness, i.e. in the darkness of the Night, in the darkness of the ocean, in the darkness of the belly whale, He (A.S) prays from the bottom of the ocean!

The challenges & adversities we get are just to increase our level/value and make us different from others

I’m not always 100% motivated, I’ve learned the art to smile even in the darkest days and no one can catch that! At times, I share a fraction of my sadness with friends because unfortunately/fortunately they can read my face or understand from my way of replying back to them. They take me out to eat, and then ask questions which I just can’t escape. If I find time enough, I’ll share all about it in my book, In Sha ALLAH!

A famous scholar gave a beautiful analogy of this world with W11 Bus!
Each of us in the bus got a destination and are temporary in the bus. Some of the people will get a seat to sit in the bus, some will stand, some will hang on the door, some will sit on roof but all will reach their destination. In this bus, if a passenger brings his own chair or air-condition to install, people will ridicule him by saying that it’s a temporary journey and soon you’ll have to leave the bus so bear with it. People will also make fun of someone who considers this bus his everything.

This is exactly the problem we have; people think this temporarily world to be permanent. They put all their efforts in buying a bigger house, showing how much wealth they have, getting “followers” on social media, etc., but in the end, stay unhappy and in constant anxiety. But if your goal changes to help others and be a good passenger, you’ll find much greater peace. You’ll never run behind temporary things. You’ll be okay if someone got a seat in W11 bus and you are standing, you’ll be okay if someone got a bigger house or a better car than yours, you’ll be okay if someone got rich and famous and you didn’t, because inside you know, both of you, the person who got the seat and you, will reach final destination sooner or later. And there you’ll be justly treated so why all the tension.

Take it this way – the exams you give, the knowledge you gain, is to help fellow humans in pain and misery. Every night you stay up to study is an act of worship for a better world.
For all those challenges, sadness, and hardships you silently yet bravely face, there are people, angels, and heavens looking up to you, having faith in you.

Stay strong and keep moving forward!

Give your best for your exams, and be content with whatever the result is!
Good luck!

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