Pakistan Tour Panorama Shots (Nokia Lumia 920)

Few days back I shared few Closeup shots here, incase you missed those here’s the link “Pakistan Tour Closeup shots”

I’m not a professional photographer but a geek who lives in the world of binary 1’s & 0’s. This summer I returned back from Pakistan Tour and luckily had my Lumia 920 for shots. I had no idea how perfectly it’d stitch the images resulting in amazing Panoramic Views!

Most of the below panorama images were shot at first attempt!

So let me introduce you to few amazing sights I managed to capture on my way.

I just loved the greenery and peaceful atmosphere at Siri Paye Meadows. The clouds there played hide n seek with us and we loved passing through them. (I wonder what would’ve happened in a thunder storm then!)



The following is the view from Shogran village situated on a green plateau atĀ  Kaghan Valley.




Here appears the “Queen of Mountains” – Malika Parbat! We were on our way hiking & tracking from “Saiful Maluk” to “Ansoo Lake” and came across the beauty of this queen!


Finally we reached at “Ansoo Lake” (Ansoo = Tear Drop) and watched it from the height of approx 13,000+ ft! The walk to Ansoo Lake included 6 hours of hiking and tracking on muddy mountains, stony mountains & then snow covered mountains! (And then 6 hours more to return back) To refill ourselves we carried loads of Yogurt, Boiled Eggs, Vitamin Tablets & my favorite Mentos mints that I kept chewing all my way, somehow those helped me in controlling my headache at such altitude! Oh yes, I might soon compile a video of our hiking and tracking visit to Ansoo Lake shot again by Nokia Lumia 920! It fitted in my hands perfectly and came up every time I needed it!



And few side poses of our Queen “Malika Parbat”



Perfect timing here! The sun was setting at Saiful Muluk which is at an approx altitude of 10,500+ ft. The battery life of amazing Nokia Lumia 920 survived here when we had only 4 hours of electricity per day (thanks to generators there) and then we had also our “Ansoo Lake” quest to be done in morning too!



Humans invading “Saiful Muluk” here! A perfect tourist spot but for only those who value nature and respect in cleaning the environment.



Far across those mountains was our way to “Ansoo Lake”, we began next day early in morning and returned just few minutes after dark!



Few Random shots, I some loved this round shape!




Finally, I must say that the Northern Areas of Pakistan are amazingly beautiful. Gifts of Nature is what I understood back then, peace & serenity was all I found in it. In our minds we have somehow removed this beautiful image of Pakistan into something worth not explaining. Now before I go out exploring other countries, I have yet many more places to explore in my country.

You can give suggestions for better photography, I repeat myself again, I’m not professional in it. Next summer I’d take Nokia Lumia 1020 with me. I fear these devices might turn a geek into an adventurer!
Till next time on few more amazing pictures captured!

Note: I had to compress above images due to uploading limitations, don’t hesitate to contact me for betterĀ  quality images.


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