Meta is Preparing for Twitter’s Rival Next Month

With Mastodon and BlueSky Social already queued up as Twitter rivals, Meta recently joined the queue.

So, there have been rumors for quite a long time that Meta is testing a text-based app similar to Twitter, and after speculations, we finally got some details to go along with. All thanks to Lia Heberaman for shedding light on the details.Meta is Preparing for Twitter’s Rival Next Month

If I look at the screenshots she has shared, then the user interface is like a giant group chat which is eventually similar to Twitter with the tilt that mirrors Instagram functionality.

Is this going to be somehow like the Instagram text-based app? If I am not wrong, then possibly yes! 😀

The new Twitter rival is being built on a decentralized back-end, which is eventually Meta’s first attempt towards the decentralized systems. Since the app is decentralized, it is said to work with current Instagram parameters, as you can easily sign up for the app using your Instagram username or credentials.
You may not need to go through the manual process of creating your new account from scratch, and no need to remember the extra passwords. Simply sync your username, and you are in, tada!

That’s not all. You can sync up your Instagram followers; even your blocked accounts can be transferred, which means expanding your reach, making new connections, and building a STRONG community. In addition, you are not bound to the traditional 280 characters. Instead, you can share updates up to 500 characters long. I know the limit is less than the Instagram caption, but still, you get a long space to make a sarcastic comment. Spilling additional facts, you can even add sparkles to your visuals with photos, links, and videos up to 5 minutes long.

Well, with my fair share of experience with various platforms, I can say that Meta’s Twitter rival can turn out to be a groundbreaker. First off, I am literally impressed with the sign-in option. That’s actually a smart move, proving Meta understands the value of convenience.

Another thing is the ability to sync up your Instagram followers; this is actually a brilliant strategy. It’s like tapping into the huge numbers of like-minded individuals because, at the end of the day, it is not JUST about the numbers but building meaningful connections.

Looks like Meta understood the assignment correctly! 😀

According to Haberman, the app is almost at the edge of completion and will probably be launching at the end of June. So, are you ready to experience the Twitter-esque competitor? Let’s be at the forefront to witness the evolution of social media.

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