This blog is a reflection of my learnings about society, technology, politics, and religion. I may be right, I may be not. But it’s better to put it out and see if my words can be of any help. If all these posts inspire one person, it’s a success for me. 

Social Champ Wins at the [email protected] ICT Awards 2021

  This year [email protected] ICT awards focused on rewarding The Tech Superstars by providing a platform to acknowledge their efforts along with the progress made towards the annual GDP by the IT ministry of Pakistan. This event is held every year, and the winners are then taken to the Asia Pacific ICT awards to put Pakistan’s IT industry in front of a global audience.  Social Champ is an international SaaS

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Lessons From Jehan Ara’s Impact On Social Champ And Startups In Pakistan!

This story is about someone who has inspired and helped thousands of lives of young entrepreneurs and students. Her name is “Jehan Ara”. The woman who served 20+ years in “[email protected]”, created “The Nest I/O” and “021Disrupt”. Among all the lives she impacted, she also moved my life and helped me through my journey as an individual and startup founder. I’m lucky to be one of the first batch startups when

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How to stay motivated?

To stay motivated the soul should always be hopeful and have faith in a day when everything will be great! If you have a firm belief, you can stand the weight of the mountains just as Hazrat Yunus (AS), Prophet Jonah, was hopeful and prayed during the 3 levels of darkness, i.e. in the darkness of the Night, in the darkness of the ocean, in the darkness of the belly

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How I got cured of depression through Quran and Hadith in Islam

We all go through tough times in life. Life can be a ruthless teacher. It could be the loss of someone very close, fame, power, money, or heartbreak due to others’ expectations.  What do we do when this happens? How do we stay happy from within and fight the darkness growing inside?   Do we lose hope in becoming the bright shining star for the world, and lose all the thunder

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The TikTok Algorithm, the ban and how marketers think.

Let’s learn #TikTok algorithm and how marketers think. The “algorithm” here means what type of videos TIKTOK automatically prioritizes to show you (Tiktok Algorithm) When you install Tiktok, you mostly get content consumed and liked by the people in that region.So the dance moves you see are enjoyed by the society you live in. Want a break? Leave that region. But I’m not sure if there is a land where

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Founder Puzzles Book – Review

Had “Founder Puzzles” been launched 10 years back, a lot of my poor black hair would have been saved from turning silver because of the 3 unsuccessful startups. I still remember the day I met Jawwad Ahmed Farid as my mentor at The Nest IO! A huge shout out to Jehan Ara, for introducing us to such great mentors.  Jawwad Farid had a profound effect on me because of his

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Fairytale Life Vs Reality, chose your battles wisely!

One who keeps chasing a life shown in the movies continues to live in a fairytale. Their happiness is fragile and dependant on money. In reality, not everyone gets a big house, a shiny car, chefs, or drivers. And even if one gets it all, there is no guaranteed happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, and little does it have to do with money but, with positive people around

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Propaganda against the unity of Islamic sects in Karachi amidst pandemic

I write this with a heavy heart. The Government of Sindh or Media or someone in a greater power, is flaming the fire of Islamic Unity between Sunni-Shia in Karachi. And if you haven’t noticed, the younger generation is already debating/fighting on social media calling each other out. It is 2020. It has taken a lot many lives to have the current peace and love we have between the two

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