This blog is a reflection of my learnings about society, technology, politics, and religion. I may be right, I may be not. But it’s better to put it out and see if my words can be of any help. If all these posts inspire one person, it’s a success for me. 

Propaganda Against the Unity of Islamic Sects in Karachi Amidst Pandemic

I Write This With a Heavy Heart. The Government of Sindh or Media or someone in a greater power, is flaming the fire of Islamic Unity between Sunni-Shia in Karachi. And if you haven’t noticed, the younger generation is already debating/fighting on social media calling each other out. It is 2020. It has taken a lot many lives to have the current peace and love we have between the two

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It Takes a Pandemic to Make Us Realize the Worth of Our Luxuries.

Everything is so irrelevant in these times. The latest cars, big houses, expensive brand clothes, watches, perfumes, etc., they have no meaning at all now. This is their true worth – nothing! Most of the factory workers have been fired and that too without severance packages. The poor class is suffering, but it’s a different problem for the lower-middle-class. The lower-middle-class never before stood in lines for food or begged

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COVID-19 Breakout – We Need to Stay Calm & Positive

Health or illnesses, life or death, happen from the Above. A falling leaf from a tree, or dancing drops from the sky, everything is in control from Allah.  Do not fear. Have faith. COVID-19 Breakout In the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, doctors suggest keeping your surroundings clean, washing your hands, and maintaining a social distance. Avoid casual social gatherings. Stay at home as much as you can.  Cleanliness is the

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Inspired by the Beautiful Culture of Oman

If officially all men were to wear traditional white shalwar kameez and all women were to wear black Burqa in Pakistan, how would you feel about it?   I saw people in Oman doing the same, feeling proud of their culture, wearing the same during office hours, the same during important events such as Eid, Marriage, etc.   If you think we’d go back to stone ages, probably you can

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Suckers Will Keep Sucking, Doers Will Do. Who Are You?

There are people who suck and their entire purpose in life is to keep sucking!   You show them light, they’ll say it’s too bright. You give them hope, they’ll ask you to stop dreaming   No matter what you do or tell, their words will suck out the energy in you. They’ll constantly complain about everything and anything; humans, nations, weather, food, system, army, religion, they just need a

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Can We Have the Same Heart When We Were 11 Years Old?

Why Can’t We Have the Same Heart When We Were 11 Years Old? I often play a game called PUBG Mobile where you land with 100 players and the last one surviving wins. Players have to find weapons and eliminate each other.   While playing a solo game, I saw a guy in front of me. We had guns pointed at each other and I just said before shooting, “Hey!

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Your Parents Are a Blessing You Have, for a Very Limited Time in Your Life!

Your parents are a blessing you have, for a very limited time in your life! They deserve your time more than your girlfriend or your business or your job or your startup or whatever that keeps you busy ignoring them! If you cannot withstand their taunts, their silly jokes, their constant complains, their reckless anger, their everyday requests, their forced order, there is something wrong with you, not them! If

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Let Your Pain Challenge You to Be Better!

Pain sometimes is inevitable. But if you embrace it, and channel its energy into positivity, you’ll rise much stronger and wiser than before. Challenge yourself. Shy to speak in public? Teach! Lazy? Go to the gym! Night owl? Beat the sun every morning! Do things that you believe you can never do but are good for you! Do for yourself, not to prove anything to the world. Forget being praised

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