How I got cured of depression through Quran and Hadith in Islam

We all go through tough times in life. Life can be a ruthless teacher. It could be the loss of someone very close, fame, power, money, or heartbreak due to others’ expectations. 

What do we do when this happens? How do we stay happy from within and fight the darkness growing inside?  

Do we lose hope in becoming the bright shining star for the world, and lose all the thunder we carried within to save the world? Or should we give up on being a good guy and turn into the bad one? It’s not easy to stop thinking and shutting all the thoughts within. 

Something Personal:

I had been, like many, multiple times in this situation. I once heard a very famous scholar saying that the more wise and knowledgeable a person is, the stronger the depression waves hit him. The ups and downs. I’m not saying that I’m very wise but perhaps learned a lot from the past hard times (I’ll cover them in my future book, InshaAllah). In different stages of life, I experimented with various things to survive. Listening to music, writing my heart out in poems, learning from motivational or religious talks, and even crying my soul out in the darkness to the Divine, I tried them all. Some helped temporarily, while others made it easy to survive through hard times. 

I once heard a very famous scholar saying that the more wise and knowledgeable a person is, the stronger the depression waves hit him. The ups and downs.

I had been struggling again for the past 3-4 months of sadness. Honestly, I get these dozes of sad mood swings a lot. It’s often because I see a lot of misery and sorrow in the society we live in, and as being an imaginary hero, it’s never enough what I do. But this time, it was different. Some very precious people made me feel I was way behind in life and have achieved nothing so far. They showed me that everything in life is about a big house, a fancy car, and a life that is supposed to be spent not in Pakistan. Worst, they were not strangers who pierced my heart, but people I look up to. If you are reading this post, and are/were someone close to me, know that this is collective damage that I took. So it’s not only you but people who couldn’t see the big picture in things I did and the luxuries I sacrificed for life, hopefully, much more significant and everlasting. This damage hit me hard. I started to question myself about everything I did, my social media influence, and if it ever helped anyone. That’s when I posted a question on Instagram asking about it and promised myself to disappear from social media if there wasn’t any impact. Luckily, a lot of strangers and friends replied. I saved each of those replies and read multiple times to motivate myself. I know this post was to give you tips to cure depression, but I had to share 10% of what I had been going through. I’ll share the rest in my book if I get the time and power. 

On Facebook and Twitter people started sharing their thoughts and impact I had in their lives, here the link to those answers.

Some very precious people made me feel I was way behind in life and have achieved nothing so far. They showed me that everything in life is about a big house, a fancy car, and a life that is supposed to be spent not in Pakistan

The above messages helped me decide not to disappear from social media, but the motivation lasted for a week or less. And the sadness of expecting too much from really close ones kicked in again. 

Well, then I listened to the following verses from The Holy Quran and Duas. It still helps me a lot, so I thought of writing about it, and in case if I forget in the future, I can always refer back to this blog post. Remember, the ups and downs will keep coming.

The Healing Part from Islam: 

Before I share the powerful verses from The Holy Quran that still help me, you need to understand the context of its revelation. Allah revealed the verses of ‘Surah Ad-Duha’ unto The Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) when He (S.A.W) was in sadness and thought Allah is displeased with Him (S.A.W) because there was a brief interval in the Quranic revelations from Allah. Furthermore, the enemies started to question and gossip too. And when the verses descended on him, it was like refreshing rain to Him (S.A.W).

You need not just hear but feel the verses. As if Allah is speaking this to you! 

Take 10-15 mins time break from this article and listen to this recitation. 

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

1. “By the Glorious Morning Light,”

2. “And by the Night when it is still,

3. “Your Lord has neither forsaken you, nor has He become displeased.”

4. “And surely the hereafter will be better for you than the present (life).”

5. “And soon, your lord will grant you, and you shall be well-pleased.”

Alright, so once you listened, cried, and heard the above verses. Let’s move on to a motivational talk that helped me further by Mufti Ismail Menk on why were are being tested so much. 

The next one is from Nouman Ali Khan, where he quotes Almighty Allah, questioning us on why we aren’t trusting Allah’s decision for us. You can skip to 2:22, but I’d suggest you watch it from the start as when you reach 2:22 you’ll be experiencing a whole new dimension. 

Another prayer that I regularly recite with the following context in mind helped me a lot. Imagine, Hazrat Yunus (AS), Prophet Jonah, representing us, in the lowest of low, calling up Allah, acknowledging His Majesty and Glory. Yunus (A.S) calls upon Allah, in the darkness of the Night, in the darkness of the ocean, in the darkness of the belly whale, He (A.S) calls from the bottom of the ocean the following prayer! 

You need to listen to this fully to understand the context, so you know what to expect when you pray.

Then, I also prayed Dua for Istekhara, and sought help from Above, having strong faith that Allah will pick me up and make me walk through a path that is for the best of me in this world and, more importantly, in the HereAfter. 

Once I started feeling better, I started memorizing short, powerful prayers. Let me mention them below. 

Short Powerful Prayers:

For Wealth and Barakha:

For Virtues beyond:

For a better and powerful speech:

Dua of Hazrat Musa (A.S)

For better spouse and offsprings:

Dua To Seek Protection From Trials And Tribulations:

Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever sees a person afflicted, and then says this dua, then he or she shall be saved from that affliction for as long as he or she lives.”

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِي عَافَانِي مِمَّا ابْتَلَاكَ بِهِ وَفَضَّلَنِي عَلَى كَثِيرٍ مِمَّنْ خَلَقَ تَفْضِيلًا

Transliteration: “Alhamudu lillahil-ladhi afani mimmab-talaka bihi wa faddalani ala kathirim-mimman khalaqa tafdeela”

Meaning: “All praise is for Allah, Who saved me from what He has afflicted you with and favored me more than many others He created.” [Sunan At-Tirmidhi]

My Favorite recitations of Surahs:

Surah Al-Rehman:

Surah Taha:

One more version of Surah Taha that I love,

Surah Maryam:

Another beautiful way of the recitation of Surah Maryam, which I love!

Surah Al Mulk

Surah Waqiah

*link to be updated, I can’t find the one that I used to hear*

Other References:

– Daily reciting of Holy Quran verses is another highly recommended religious practice in Islam. (

– The Holy Quran intones, “This sacred book is ‘shifa’ for its followers.” Hence, we recommend that researchers should focus on finding remedies for other psychological and physical diseases from Quranic verses. (

– In the Arabic language, sabr, shukr and tawwakul. “And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient ones.” (The Holy Quran 2:155) “Therefore, remember Me (God) and I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favours on you) and never be ungrateful to Me.” (The Holy Quran 2:152) “If God helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? (

– The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is reported to have said, “ Treat yourself through medications, for God has sent down a cure even as He has sent down the disease.” All this being said, one should supplement treatment for all illnesses with prayers asking for God’s mercy, cure, and healing. (

– Abu Bakar Muhammad Zakaria Al-Razi (925 CE) is the first Muslim physician who introduced the methods of psychotherapy and he had achieved a lot of success in discovering the definition, symptoms, and mental health. (

– Allah S.W.T says: “And never give up hope of Allah’s soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah’s soothing mercy, except those who have no faith.” [Surah Yusuf 12: Ayah 87] So dear fellow Muslims, don’t let past mistakes define you. Don’t let repeated mistakes define you. The only thing that should define you, is your niyyah (intention). (

– Sleep more and drink more water. In my personal experiences with clients, I am amazed how often this simple therapy will cure almost anything. Most of the time I find people do not even need to go further than this step. (

– A misconception in the Muslim community is that mental health is associated with being “non-religious” or “not religious enough.” Many factors may contribute to the development of mental health issues, so it is not fair to oversimplify multifactorial medical conditions this way because it dismisses the potential role of mental health professionals in helping. (


Depression is a serious mental health issue. Consult help from doctors and experts in this field. Sometimes the traumas left need to be cured either by therapy or medicine. I’ve referred people to a psychiatrist too because they needed help. 

What I shared above is what I often do now to bring back my lightning thunder again. I hope it helps you to find yours too. 

If this post helps you, remember me in your prayers! 🙂 That is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give to me. 


Fairytale Life Vs Reality, chose your battles wisely!

One who keeps chasing a life shown in the movies continues to live in a fairytale. Their happiness is fragile and dependant on money. In reality, not everyone gets a big house, a shiny car, chefs, or drivers. And even if one gets it all, there is no guaranteed happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind, and little does it have to do with money but, with positive people around you. The ones who cherish on your little wins in life, the ones who hold your hands in your rainy days and say that there will be better days. The ones who make you feel a hero!

If people around you, especially the loved ones, keep complaining about not getting the fairytale life they dream of and force you to do more, even though you are giving your best, no matter how optimistic you are in life, one day, you’ll lose your spark too. You’ll feel like a loser, even though you might have done greater good for society. You’ll be frustrated with life, not knowing the people around you are making you suffocate subconsciously. It’s their problem that they want to live a life on your expense and dreams.

In this case, you have two options, either groom them by giving them all your time, showing what love can do and money cannot, and again there is no guarantee they’ll change OR change your company, leaving them to fate, hoping one day when fairytale meets reality it’ll be all sorted out, in a way either good or bad, but in the end, it all gets sorted out.

You have a limited time in life.
You have a purpose and aim to fulfill.

It’s your choice. Either live your life for the greater good or spend most of it trying to change people.

Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr. Abdul Bari, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, would have chosen purpose over people.

All the best for whatever you chose!


It takes a pandemic to make us realize the worth of our luxuries.

Everything is so irrelevant in these times.
The latest cars, big houses, expensive brand clothes, watches, perfumes, etc., they have no meaning at all now. This is their true worth – nothing!

Most of the factory workers have been fired and that too without severance packages. The poor class is suffering, but it’s a different problem for the lower-middle-class. The lower-middle-class never before stood in lines for food or begged or asked for money. I know so many. They’d prefer to die out of hunger than to ask anyone for sustenance. These are sad times. We should be searching for them and helping them through this time.

People who know what “hunger” is, are coming forward to help with as little they have. The middle-class families are donating even Rs.500 or Rs.1000 to help, knowing that it’s not a lot.

There is just one race now, to survive, and to survive, we don’t need a lot of resources. And I hope by now you’d have realized it too. Whatever you save due to less commute, less shopping, less dining, spend that on the ones shy to ask. They are struggling to have a one time meal in a day.

All those dreams you had to “win” the world, whatever that means to you, can be fulfilled some other time. Or maybe the truth is this pandemic made all your desires seem materialistic now. The people who stand for others are the true unsung heroes. They win in the eyes of Heavens and in the hearts of all humans they serve.

Inspired by the beautiful culture of Oman

If officially all men were to wear traditional white shalwar kameez and all women were to wear black Burqa in Pakistan, how would you feel about it?
I saw people in Oman doing the same, feeling proud of their culture, wearing the same during office hours, the same during important events such as Eid, Marriage, etc.
If you think we’d go back to stone ages, probably you can say the same about Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same shirt every day!
This post will make each of you react differently, but imagine a world where you didn’t judge anyone based on their clothes (or brands), nor have to worry about what you wore every day.
We are all indirectly affected by the materialistic world.
We seek beauty outside, but it is only found within us.
If you think the brands you wear define you, it’s high time to fix the insecure you. Your house, your car, your entire lifestyle can all be gone in a snap, would that ever change the person you were? It’s the heart that really matters in the end. All else is just a mirage we keep running after, greed that is never enough.

Suckers will keep sucking, doers will do. Who are you?

There are people who suck and their entire purpose in life is to keep sucking!
You show them light, they’ll say it’s too bright.
You give them hope, they’ll ask you to stop dreaming
No matter what you do or tell, their words will suck out the energy in you. They’ll constantly complain about everything and anything; humans, nations, weather, food, system, army, religion, they just need a story, to begin with!
They love problems and never care to find a solution.
You can’t win from them. They are not here to listen. They are here to suck! When you find these suckers, stay away from them, they’ll suck all your energy, all your time, and worst – they’ll suck the life out of you!
You’ll have such a person in your life, at your university, in your family, in your friend circle and 500% on your social media!
By now you should know what to do next? Need help?
If you spot a person, stalk their previous back to back 5 tweets or facebook posts. If they spread hate, complain, it’s their goodbye time. Do it. You’ll live longer.
PS: This is sucking post for all the suckers out there to stay away from young generation who want to fix things. Let them breathe. Stay away.
PSS: This post does not intend to make you think that you are always right. Those who criticize you to make you a better person are gold! Find them, respect them and cherish them. But still, if you don’t see the big picture in this post? I smell a new sucker.

Can we have the same heart when we were 11 years old?

Why can’t we have the same heart when we were 11 years old?

I often play a game called PUBG Mobile where you land with 100 players and the last one surviving wins. Players have to find weapons and eliminate each other.
While playing a solo game, I saw a guy in front of me. We had guns pointed to each other and I just said before shooting, “Hey! Wanna team up?!”, and this 11-year old kid replied, “Sure, but can you put your gun behind your back and walk out so I can trust you won’t shoot me?” And this I did. It was fun teaming up with a stranger for the first time. He was also a very smart kid as in the game you can speak with strangers in a limited radius, so when he went out of range, he used to fire in the air just to get my attention. Luckily, we both were the last two surviving players left in a map of 100 players!
I asked the kid to shoot me up so he’d win but he laughed and said that he wins a lot so I should shoot him up. To which I replied that I don’t play solo a lot, I play in a squad so this win won’t matter. He didn’t agree to it. Then I shared an idea to pull the trigger of a frag grenade together which blasts in few seconds if not thrown away. The idea was to blast ourselves out together, which he agreed to do. He pulled the trigger a second earlier and that got me out and he won. He was super sad when he realized that!
Now if there is anything to learn from the above story, it is the generosity of an 11- year old kid who wanted to make me happy. It’s hard to win a game with 100 players to kill and be the last one winning getting the title of “Chicken Dinner”. But the kid was okay to share that victory title with me. A kid from the U.S had never known me but had a heart that cared.
In our lives, we have forgotten the 11-year old us. Somewhere down the line, we all had been a super generous kid, trying to help others and sacrifice our happiness for others. We used to be sad when we saw someone else sad, cried when someone was rude. Where are those emotions lost now? Forget helping strangers, we have stopped caring for the ones we know unless there is something for us in return.
Can we have the same heart again that helps and most importantly sacrifices for others with no return intended? If helping strangers is too much, can we begin with thanking those we know; parents, teachers, mentors, advisors, siblings, friends, employees? Let’s at least try to brighten someone’s day if we can’t brighten our own and leave it on Karma! That helps. I’m telling you. It does.


Your parents are a blessing you have, for a very limited time in your life!

Your parents are a blessing you have, for a very limited time in your life!

They deserve your time more than your girlfriend or your business or your job or your startup or whatever that keeps you busy ignoring them!

If you cannot withstand their taunts, their silly jokes, their constant complains, their reckless anger, their everyday requests, their forced order, there is something wrong with you, not them!

If you fail to see the love in those annoying phone calls asking you to come back home early, if you fail to see them aging, if you fail to see how you ignore their existence, if you feel embarrassed with them when in the outside world, if your routine has more priority than their requests?
You need to remember your past when they were not as embarrassed as you are now when they had to change your diapers, a time when you could hardly walk and were nothing without their support.

What changed you now?
Is it the race you run proving something to the world?
Is it winning over your girlfriend or boyfriend?
Is it the company of your friends who equally treat their parents as you do?
Is it the addiction of having more fame, more money or more power?
Will having all make you a better person, someone the world can trust? Clearly, if you can’t take care of those you brought you to this world, you can’t be trusted at all.

It’s never too late for many. You might still have a chance.
A day will come when you’ll be ready to give up all for that one smile but that won’t be enough. You’ll look around and feel empty, heartbroken and in regret but that’s not all, you’ll become a parent too, wishing, praying, hoping for a child better than you.

Don’t try to win this life at the price of your Hereafter.
May our last moments be not full of regrets.
May our lives be of a good example when we meet Him!


Let your pain challenge you to be better!

Pain sometimes is inevitable.
But if you embrace it, and channel its energy into positivity, you’ll rise much stronger and wiser than before.
Challenge yourself.

Shy to speak in public? Teach!
Lazy? Go to the gym!
Night owl? Beat the sun every morning!

Do things that you believe you can never do but are good for you! Do for yourself, not to prove anything to the world.

Forget being praised or shamed by society or your social media followers at all. Let your armor go.

Give your best shot at anything you do, because even if you fail, you’ll be content that you tried your best.
And please, please, please, enjoy the journey, live in the present, and be stronger than before – every day!


Trend of Motivational Speakers

Every second you find a new ‘Motivational Speaker’. You check their past and it’s full of quotes and poems which again are from someone else.

To those who ‘pay’ to attend such sessions, find the courage to ask and listen the stories of your father or mother. Find motivation in them and the ones close to you.

Worst, learn to search such videos on Youtube. You’ll find plenty, with better and newer quotes and poems!

PS: People who work keeping their heads down for a long time, are the ones who inspire and motivate with their experiences. Everything else is a movie – mostly entertaining but not productive.


Another version of our lives – beyond Social Media!

We are not just the images we create of ourselves on social media, but have a second version of our lives running in parallel, the version of struggles, despair, hardships and challenges. The pathway to startup is never easy, even life has its own challenges which are different to each of us. But we tend to share positive stories on social media. This is having a damaging effect on many upcoming stars and even to our closest friends. The feeling of missing out is making them desperate to achieve something bigger, pushing them to find a way to change the world. They need to relax and consider the second picture too. The life that they now enjoy could be something that many of us dream every single day. Focus and harness your energy in all positive manner you can, live up a good life. You’ll have your unique story in time. Whatever you seek, is also seeking you. No one can take what is destined to be yours. Be sincere, self-disciplined and generous.