Living or Documenting?

Where do I start this from? We have embraced technology too much, to an extent where the limits of humanity have all been crossed. Emotions, feelings and living in the moment have been compromised with the efforts to document it all. A beautiful sunshine, a child’s smile, all such moments are set to fire by our desire to capture these moments in the form of pictures, tweets and posts, for the audience of the other delusional social world. A world which comes before our feelings, where “likes”, “tweets”, “followers” and “comments” matter the most.

Those known to be perfectly connected and socially active, are found guilty of not interacting with people they are with. Families, real friends, and not to forget –neighbors. Worst, most even don’t recall who their neighbors are.

The desire of getting equipped with latest smartphones, devices, and techy gadgets is the new drug. Once you have it all, which you’ll never, will make you realize the time these monsters have consumed, trapping you in their own world. Your conscience experiences it, you’ll realize it someday too. To be always connected, a mental disorder I can say.

I’m not broken or sad. I’m worried and terrified for the next generation. A generation that seeks pleasure and yearns to gain sympathies from a different social world. A world where each and every word matters to them, turning them short tempered, immoral, and with no respect. They learn and fetch information only what interests them, and personal interests can’t be always right. They are turning self-centered and selfish with time, capturing and filtering hundreds of their own pictures. The modern world calls it “selfie” pictures. I’d love to rename it to “selfish” pictures. You’ll realize that one day. Days are not too far, when people would only capture themselves. It has already begun.

A fathers complain, a mother’s happiness; the realization of these feelings have no time in our life anymore. A life that is solely dedicated in knowing others in a different social world, that in the end we have forgotten ours. I’m guilty of standing amongst those and I truly realize that. I hope someday we all do and that is when our families and those close, find a new soul in us. A soul that listens to them when they speak, and not just nods when they speak their heart. A soul so beautiful that invests their time with others, in return of having true happiness as they make progress. That is, what it is, to be human beings.


-Sameer Ahmed Khan

7th September, 2014


Why Pride & Arrogance?

I sense something disturbing growing in students these days , and that’s pride & arrogance. This arrogance will take you nowhere, constant taunts, silly bragging, will soon be avenged from Above. And once that lustrous dream of yours gets over, you’d find no friend by your side and you’ll be left alone.

Please, don’t look down on any student, weak or silly, dumb or stupid. Great leaders and innovators were humiliated too.

If you win any competition, don’t brag, don’t change yourself. Be as humble as possible, consider yourself to be a pious slave of Lord Above. The land you walk on, can be dragged away at any moment. I have seen many personalities destroyed.

And yes, if you still wish to compete, how about competing with the Western World in technology or even with your neighbors borders across. STOP making fun of those around you, I also saw few fresh wannabes mocking their University Professors. Ironic.

PS: I suggest you all to study Pride & Arrogance in Islam

Why I’ll be cheering for Shahid Afridi even more

In reply to an article published on Dawn News and all those tweets concerning Shahid Afridi

A writer viewed a video of Shahid Afridi, targeted his “Zaiqa” word, filled up her article with hatred against a hero whose personality, performance & character brought pleasure / or brings pleasure to our entire nation. And guess what, she publicly stated that she wouldn’t cheer for him. Some humans are truly hypocrites.

Candidly, it doesn’t really matter whether she cheers for Shahid Afridi or not. But if she went all against Afridi just because of his “personal” opinion for the future of his daughters, the writer is morally weak and lacks the capability to endure the negativity in a person. A quote here equally fits in

“Scratch every hero and you will find a monster lurking inside” – The Scorpion King

The writer has no right to interfere in Afridi’s life and decide what is best for his daughters. Those daughters are blessed with a heroic father who knows what’s best for them. It’s about time people should stop messing around with personal lives of superstars. There are ethical boundaries and limits that each writer, thinker and activist should consider. I wonder how the writer would have reacted if someone else wrote up criticizing about the way she treated her children.

Many secular fanatics in this country would certainly stop cheering for Afridi and surely will complain, but then again, haven’t those secular fanatics re-invented their own Islam based on their human logic? And I read many already labeling him “true Taliban”, maybe they missed the fact that his daughters appeared on a television show. Time for new label maybe, “Modernized Taliban”.

All humans are weak and can commit mistakes, utter words that can twisted and turned. None of us are angels, but maybe the world expects much from our heroes. Maybe the word “hero” doesn’t fit in our current society because once they find an error in their personality they take an instant turn and chant “Monster” after their, once considered, “Hero” name.

Shahid Afridi is the most humble batsman I’ve ever witnessed, a true leader who motivates and inspires his juniors, his fans and the entire nation. Nothing beats his charismatic personality because of his golden heart. Shahid Afridi is also accompanied by well-known religious personalities and gets constant advises. It takes more to judge a personality than by watching his few sixes on-screen or listening to him speak on live shows.

Let me tell you what that writer has done, she has mocked the entire nation before the world, ridiculed our hero and given an opportunity to all silent haters to rant about our Green Team.

The writer owes an apology here to Shahid Afridi, to his fans and Pakistan.

Ironically I hope she won’t stop cheering for Kohli & Bangladeshi girls!

The Indus Hospital – Blood Center Inaugural

Our team was glad to be a part of this project, under extraordinary mentors striving their way against all the hurdles just to make this place better worth living. Despair is the last thing in their life.

I’d like to thank all; my mentors, teachers & all close friends! Specially those related to this project; Sir Zia, Dr. Saba, Sir Inam, Sir Zeeshan, Sir Austin, Ms Hira, Wajiha, Abrar, Zohaib, Saad, Taha, Rehan, Baber, Sohaib, Sharique, Khurram & Zeeshan! Congratulations!

Event album uploaded here on facebook:

My previous post about the project:

The indus hospital pride of the pakistan.



The Indus Hospital – Pride of Pakistan!

Today I had an outstanding experience in a meeting at The Indus Hospital.

I can’t believe so much goodness still remains in Pakistan!
The architecture of the hospital is simply outstanding. The moment you enter any hospital  you suddenly fall into that weird pharmaceutical smell of medicines. At The Indus Hospital there was no such odor, amazing ventilation system there.
After the productive meeting, we headed to cafeteria. I melted when I got the only menu item for lunch.

Be it a doctor or visitor, rich or poor, they all eat the same one-item-menu! (though the menu changes each day)

Oh yes, I was also introduced to the most humble Dr Abdul Bari Khan, the CEO of The Indus Hospital!!

Out of many stories, the following video covers few,

Highlights: Nazia received life saving treatment of Rs. 2 Million at The Indus Hospital, completely free




Following are few shots I managed on my way back to Cafeteria!


Future Masjid at The Indus Hospital



Future Model of The Indus Hospital


Future Model of The Indus Hospital


Right: Sir Inam, Left: Me!

By the way, we are developing a life changing Cloud Hospital Management System which currently targets Blood Banking modules, under Dr. Saba Jamaal (Her dream project). A touch tablet software/app that’d prevent human errors & help doctors/technicians. (On cloud, integrating various systems with it using modern state-of-the-art technologies)

The good part is, few modules are implemented & live at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Soon they’d be implemented in The Indus Hospital too! Best of luck and cheers to the team!

Still criticizing Shahzeb’s parents?

shoThe Shahzeb Issue? If you blame or criticize Shahzeb’s parents for giving up or being sold to Shahrukh Jatoi, the murderer of their son; perhaps you’re being quite selfish here.

This is not about money. God Forbid, the pain the family has gone through, the loss of son, the pressure of government, the possible future threats received from the gangster family, all could have worsened their mental state towards insanity.

For humans, their is a limit, be it emotional or rational.
Once crossed, the person no matter how strong -breaks!

Lets not hear just one side of story…
Justice always finds its way -always!