The Indus Hospital – Blood Center Inaugural

Our team was glad to be a part of this project, under extraordinary mentors striving their way against all the hurdles just to make this place better worth living. Despair is the last thing in their life.

I’d like to thank all; my mentors, teachers & all close friends! Specially those related to this project; Sir Zia, Dr. Saba, Sir Inam, Sir Zeeshan, Sir Austin, Ms Hira, Wajiha, Abrar, Zohaib, Saad, Taha, Rehan, Baber, Sohaib, Sharique, Khurram & Zeeshan! Congratulations!

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The indus hospital pride of the pakistan.



The Indus Hospital – Pride of Pakistan!

Today I had an outstanding experience in a meeting at The Indus Hospital.

I can’t believe so much goodness still remains in Pakistan!
The architecture of the hospital is simply outstanding. The moment you enter any hospital  you suddenly fall into that weird pharmaceutical smell of medicines. At The Indus Hospital there was no such odor, amazing ventilation system there.
After the productive meeting, we headed to cafeteria. I melted when I got the only menu item for lunch.

Be it a doctor or visitor, rich or poor, they all eat the same one-item-menu! (though the menu changes each day)

Oh yes, I was also introduced to the most humble Dr Abdul Bari Khan, the CEO of The Indus Hospital!!

Out of many stories, the following video covers few,

Highlights: Nazia received life saving treatment of Rs. 2 Million at The Indus Hospital, completely free




Following are few shots I managed on my way back to Cafeteria!


Future Masjid at The Indus Hospital



Future Model of The Indus Hospital


Future Model of The Indus Hospital


Right: Sir Inam, Left: Me!

By the way, we are developing a life changing Cloud Hospital Management System which currently targets Blood Banking modules, under Dr. Saba Jamaal (Her dream project). A touch tablet software/app that’d prevent human errors & help doctors/technicians. (On cloud, integrating various systems with it using modern state-of-the-art technologies)

The good part is, few modules are implemented & live at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Soon they’d be implemented in The Indus Hospital too! Best of luck and cheers to the team!

Still criticizing Shahzeb’s parents?

shoThe Shahzeb Issue? If you blame or criticize Shahzeb’s parents for giving up or being sold to Shahrukh Jatoi, the murderer of their son; perhaps you’re being quite selfish here.

This is not about money. God Forbid, the pain the family has gone through, the loss of son, the pressure of government, the possible future threats received from the gangster family, all could have worsened their mental state towards insanity.

For humans, their is a limit, be it emotional or rational.
Once crossed, the person no matter how strong -breaks!

Lets not hear just one side of story…
Justice always finds its way -always!